What about the conditioning during the shampoo challenge

What about conditioning??

I am pushing shampooing more, but conditioning is important too. You have to be careful to not over condition or coat your hair heavily with products. 

The reason is simple...

We have been over conditioning for so long and all it does is build up on the hair strand making your hair dry and lack moisture.  

Here’s a picture of an unhealthy cuticle...

The unhealthy cuticle is like a wet sponge, it absorbs everything. Conditioning products are used to repair hair.  Conditioners are used to build up on hair, filling in the gaps, making the hair appear or feel normal. 

There are various ways you can damage the hair cuticle, heat is not the only way. 

  1. Heat
  2. Chemical (relaxers or color)
  3. Lack or trimming
  4. Lack of regularly shampooing
  5. Product build up
  6. Pulling tugging and tearing 
  7. No self care

As you can see using an artificial filler will not repair this unhealthy cuticle, it is only a temporary solution. 

Here is a picture of a healthy cuticle...

The cuticle is sealed shut. Unable to absorb anything. Like a dry sponge. If you over conditioning healthy natural hair the product will build up and give you the feeling that your hair is dry and lacks moisture. 

Once your hair is healthy, certain conditioners will no longer be necessary. If you over condition, it will only create a build up on the cuticle making a healthy cuticle suffocate. 

The ideal of shampooing more often will give your hair a chance to feel normal by removing product buildup regularly before applying more.

Most naturals use so much product that they never get a chance to feel their own real hair and this is the main reason that shampooing can be difficult to some. Some are not used to feeling and dealing with their own hair.  This quarantine takes away the pressure of picture perfect  styling so that the hair can be itself! 

In the Synergi system, we believe in applying the conditioner and letting it sit for only the recommended time, briefly, then rinsing the hair off thoroughly. 

You hair will do so much better when you stop over conditioning it!

Now the issue that is more important than conditioning is the trim. BUT AS I ALWAYS SAY...NO TRIMMING AT HOME!!!

We will be re-opening soon and then and only then we deal with the ends, PROFESSIONALLY...