What about the conditioning during the shampoo challenge

What about the conditioning during the shampoo challenge

What about conditioning 

I am  pushing shampooing more. But conditioning is just as important. But not to over conditioning or crate your hair heavily 

The reason is simple. 

We been over conditioning for so long and all it does is build up on the hair strand making your hair dry and lack moisture.  

Here’s a picture of A unhealthy cuticle.  

The unhealthy cuticle is like a wet sponge absorbs everything. Conditioning products are used to repair hair.  Conditioners should be used to build up on hair, filling in the gaps making the hair appear or feel normal. 

They’re are various of ways you can damage a cuticle (heat is not the only way) 

  1. Heat
  2. Chemical (relaxers or color)
  3. Lack or trimming
  4. Lack of regularly shampooing
  5. Product build up
  6. Pulling tugging and tearing 
  7. No self care

As you can see using an artificial filler will not repair this unhealthy cuticle. If it does it is only a temporary solution

Here is a picture of a healthy cuticle. The cuticle is sealed shut. Unable to absorb anything. Like a dry sponge. If you over conditioning healthy natural hair the product will build up and give you the feeling that your hair is dry and lacks moisture. 

Once your hair is healthy certain conditioners will be no longer necessary. Because if you over condition this it will only create a build up on this cuticle making a healthy cuticle suffacate

The ideal of shampooing more often will give your hair a chance to feel normal. Removing product buildup regularly before applying more.

Most naturals use so much product that the never get a chance to feel their own real hair

This is the mail reason shampooing can be difficult to some. Because they are not used to feeling and dealing with their own hair.  This quarantine take the pressure of heavy styling so that the hair can be itself.  

This is the reason why as Synergi we believe in applying the conditioner and letting it sit for only the recommended time. Then rinsing off thoroughly 

You hair will do so much better when you stop over doing it

Now the issue that is more important than conditioning is the trim.  

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Keepgrowing Shampoo Challenge

Keepgrowing Shampoo Challenge

Because we have been self quarantined for over 20 days, what better time to get acquainted with our hair!

More people are working from home and adhering to the stay at home order and so our daily hair routines have been interrupted.

What are we going to do?

I know you miss going to the hair salon and letting us worry about how your hair makes a statement for you. In this new world, trust and believe ALL of us Stylists miss being there for you too! 

But I know one thing for sure...Do Not go through this whole pandemic without shampooing your hair!!!

For those of you clients who are not used to shampooing your hair regularly on your own without the help of your stylist, lets make sure you are equipped with the right tools and information to carry you through this difficult season in ALL of our lives.

Cutting your hair is a different story. I currently do not have any advice about cutting your own hair.   The only advice I do have is do not cut it while it’s in a curly state. At least blow it dry and lightly straighten it before you attempt to use any scissors on your hair. But If you can wait until this is over, your stylist will appreciate you!

The Shampoo Challenge -

The reason I started this challenge is I’ve been doing hair for over 30 years.  I found that the clients that I served in my salon who shampooed their hair more frequently (like at least weekly or more) were just happier with their hair progress. They complained less and the overall visit was exciting.

 The clients who did not like to shampoo their hair therefore didn’t shampoo often (like at least bi-weekly or more) complained more about their hair progress and experienced dry, flakey scalp. 

My goal was to get ALL clients to a place where they understood their own hair and were happy with their own hair progress. 

And I believe that happy place starts with a good shampoo regimen. 

How do you participate: 

  1. Join our Facebook group which is Synergi Salon System Natural Hair in 365 group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/365Journey2Natural/
  2. Once you’ve been accepted choose a team. They will most likely approach you. But you can choose by going to the mentorship post (at the top of the page) There you can review profiles. Simply choose 1.
  3. Take a photo of where you started
  4. Post at least 3-4 days per weekly of your shampoo experience. Share what you’ve learned about your hair through these 30 days. (when you post you must post a picture and #tag your team. If it doesn’t have a picture or tag the post will not count)
  5. Or just decide to play along yet document your own process

This will last until we get the orders to go back to work in our salons.

As soon as the governor says it’s okay to work in the salon, book your appointment ASAP.

You will need a much needed and long overdue trim!

Shampooing frequently will:

  1. Cause your hair to grow really fast
  2. Soften your new growth
  3. Teach you how to add moisture
  4. Cure dandruff and dry flakey scalp
  5. Eliminate product buildup
  6. Teach you how to manage your hair while working out
  7. Give you a plan for your daughter
  8. Stop the frustration with you and your hair and help you love your hair
  9. Help you with transitioning from a relaxer
  10. Teach you how to be flexible with your hair styles
  11. How to manage your hair under wigs weaves braids and protective styles

We will have different challenges to push you toward building  a better relationship with your hair.

The team with the most engagements will win the challenge and EVERYONE WILL WIN HEALTHIER HAIR!

Let me know what your plans are to deal with your hair until you are able to see your stylist. 


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