Shampooing 101 Shampooing Natural Hair to Maximize Health

Posted by Karen on 4/4/2015
Shampooing 101 (Pt. II) - Shampooing Natural Hair to Maximize Health Maximizing Health = Maximizing Length How you shampoo your hair is practically the root of your natural hair’s health. Knowing how to properly shampoo your hair will open the door for your hair to flourish in more ways than just one.

Today’s article will provide easy and healthy step-by-step guide on shampooing your natural hair to maximize health. First things first, you must have the right shampoo. Applying shampoo that is not for your hair type or one that contains harmful ingredients can have dire effects in the long run. It is imperative that you use a shampoo that is complementary to your hair. 

 Natural hair requires a great deal of moisture to maintain its integrity. Shampoos that are rich in moisturizing ingredients will foster the best results when shampooing. I use Synergi Thermal ShampooSynergi Thermal Shampoo (for my Curly2Strait dos) and SSynergi Xtra Clean Shampooynergi Xtra Clean Shampoo

 when I want to wear my natural hair curly or in a protective style. Before Shampooing You should always conduct some sort of prep work before you wash your hair. Prepping your hair before you shampoo will reduce the amount of hair loss during the process due to tangles and knots. 

 ● Detangle and section your hair. Doing this before you wash your hair will save you tons of time and decrease tangling after shampooing.

 ● If you have the time and want to take your protective efforts a step further, apply deep protein conditioner to each detangled section of hair. This little step alone adds more moisture and lessens the stress hair undergoes during shampooing (conditioning and styling too). 

 ● In addition to the tip above, applying your favorite Synergi Moisture Sealing Oiloil (mine being moisture sealing oil ) and the 2.0 to the entire head of hair Synergi Deep Conditioning Treatmenttwenty minutes before shampooing will reduce stress on the hair as well. Shampooing At this point, you are ready to get down to business. Keep in mind that one of the main purposes of washing your hair is to cleanse the scalp. 

 Step 1 Saturate your hair with warm water 

 Step 2 Apply shampoo to the scalp and massage (with fingertips) into a good lather ***Tip: It helps even more to wash your hair in the very same sections you began with. This compounds the continued goal of minimizing tangles and knots while thoroughly cleansing the scalp.

 Step 3 Rinse hair with lukewarm water 

 Step 4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 (if necessary)

 After Shampooing What you do after you wash your hair is just as important as how you wash your hair. Towels can snag our beautiful curls and cause breakage. You can avoid breakage by wrapping your hair in a tshirt or if you’re fancy, a microfiber towel. Following this simple guide will help you get the most out of your shampooing regimen for longer, stronger, thick, healthy, vibrant natural hair! Click here shampooing-101-knowing-how-often-you-should-shampoo-your-hair for more information on when you should wash your hair.