Now I can finally live without dreaming about relaxing my hair

Posted by Karen Coleman on 11/23/2017 to Tuesdays Tips
Now I can finally live without dreaming about relaxing my hair

 This is my Tuesday to model Tessa. Tessa was complaining that her hair lacks curl definition. She was my Tuesdays tip model on Tuesday, November 20 on Facebook.

 In our Tuesdays tips shows we always go over problem-solving when it comes to hair care at home in between salon appointments. I believe that if you can conquer these three issues that any woman can love their own curly hair whether it's worn straight or curly. The three questions are:

  1.  How often do you shampoo your hair?
  2.  How often do you have your hair trimmed?
  3.  Do you use products that leave a heavy residue?  Meaning heavy creams and oils.

 most of the time the model is usually missing one or more out of the three. This is how we find a simple solution to solving her issue.


 in Tessa's case, we started with number one


How often did she shampoo?

 she told me that she shampooed at least twice a week which was very good. That show me that she wasn't afraid to shampoo her hair and that all she needed was a solution.  a lot of naturals can’t find that kind of time to shampoo more than once weekly. So, I was happy to hear that we would be on the same page when it came to shampooing.   I recommend that she use this energy rejuvenate deep cleansing shampoo to remove any heavy oils or build up recommended that she switch to the synergy reinforce Thermal shampoo and the synergy reinforced thermal conditioning cream to use as often as needed


How often did she trim her hair?

 she let me know that she hadn't had her hair trimmed in quite a while. I let her know that she should get her hair trimmed at least every 8 to 10 weeks. At synergy we shampoo blow dried lightly straighten in only trim the hair while it straight we never trimmed the hair in a curly state. She should commit to doing that at least four times a year.  but her ends being trimmed regularly we can be on top of that split and switch get worst in if they're not that with

Does she use a lot of heavy creams and oils to coat her hair?

 Tessa was hilarious when it came to this. She let me know that she mixes up her own concoction of oils and creams. That's when I let her know that the heavy oils and creams could be the reason why her hair seemed really dry and she was unable to get the curl definition that she desired. I showed her that using the  synergy glaze and the  synergy moves to set her hair would make a big difference in the outcome


 after I blew dry and trimmed her hair I said it doing a two-strand flat twist which she allowed to dry overnight.  we do blow-dry out the hair before we set it because that will reduce the dryer time by almost half and because her hair was so thick that it allows us to make proper sections without her hair dry and too fast.


 Her outcome was remarkable she was very happy. And I'm certain that it will be something that she will be able to repeat very easily if she uses the product







In this picture is before while we were having our first consultation before we shampooed her hair.

This is when out started to shampoo her hair. I did her first shampoo with theSynergi Rejuvenate Clarifying Shampoo   and then I did the next shampoo with the Synergi Reinforce Thermal Shampoo    the conditioner that I used was the Synergi Reinforce Thermal Protect Conditioning Cream  


 before blow drying out her hair I mist her hair with the Synergi Restore Leave In Conditioner

  the restore helps to balance the hair in a make you feel soft

 to bring it down to the normal pH

 before we do any trim in the always blowdry out the hair in lightly straighten it. You can only see the ends while it straight. I know a lot of people can be afraid of heat but what's worse than heat is not knowing what your answer doing and deAling with them

 because her hair was already lightly straightened I went in and  twisted her hair. This is a two strand twist to the scalp. I applied the Synergi Bloom Glazing Serum   Synergi Stay Glossing Mousse 

 to each strand of hair before I twisted it. That's to make sure that each strand is completely saturated with the product.  also by twisting it dry it cuts the dryer time down by half. And allows you to take your time on each individuals braid.


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