Benefits of Hot Steam Treatments

Posted by Curly2Strait on 9/7/2014

What is the benefit of a Synergi Deep Conditioning Steam Treatment?

The hot steam will drive the Synergi Deep Conditioning Treatment and Moisture Sealing Oil deep into the hair shaft.   For natural hair the cuticle layer is closed shut   The moisture from the hair steamer will open up the cuticle layer slowly and safely. The forces of the hot steam allows for better results. It will leave your hair feeling silky and shiny. It also loosens up any dry skin or dandruff on the scalp causing the skin surface to feel moisturized and hydrated. If you have a problem with excess dryness from product buildup, a regular steam treatment will help detox your hair. Every other week is good to have a treatment until the problem is solved.

What Hair Types Benefit from the Synergi deep conditioning steam treatment?

A hair steamer can be used on any hair type that needs additional moisture, hair that is falling out due to dryness/chemical abuse or hair that has a dry or crunchy feeling. It may take a few treatments to see results, especially if the hair is excessively dry. For oily hair types omit the oil use conditioner only.

What are the Benefits?

Your hair would be moisturized from the roots to the hair shaft all the way to the ends and entire head will feel the effects. Increased hydration and shine for really thick naturally curly hair Increase circulation in your scalp due to the steam. Proper circulation is what promotes healthy hair growth.   Ultimately stronger, softer, smoother, shinier healthier hair eliminates dry scaly flaky skin on the scalp immediately.  Allows color to penetrate and last longer(recommended for in salon use only)

What's the difference Hair Steamer vs. Hooded Dryers?

The benefit of a steamer is to have the vapor from the steam penetrate the cuticle, open it and allow more efficient absorption of whatever conditioner/oil/treatment you are using into the hair. The hooded dryer is a dry heat.  It's purpose is to dry hair only.  It will slightly open cuticle, but not enough for the conditioning to penetrate.  

Why should I use Synergi products with the steamer?

Synergi Deep Conditioning Treatment and Moisture Sealing Oil is designed for the hot steam treatment. The potent blend of conditioning ingredients leaves hair feeling softer and looking shinier with each and every use. What's more, the formula's thermal protective ingredients help to shield the hair from dehydration and stress due to the use of flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons. Synergi moisture sealing oil is a combination treatment and styling aid.  This formula contains passion fruit oil, Brazil nut oil and buriti oil, which are rich in nutrients and excellent moisturizers. Together, these natural plant oils help to restore flexibility to brittle hair, making it less likely to break.

How do I use Synergi Deep Conditioning Treatment at home?

Works best on semi-clean hair. If your hair has a lot of product buildup or you have dry flaky scalp, it is recommended that you shampoo the hair prior to using this treatment.

For extra treatment : For hair that is extremely dry apply the Synergi Moisture Sealing Oil directly on the scalp. Use 2 paddle brushes to brush moisture sealing oil through out the hair to loosen up any extra dry skin or dandruff.

THIN/FINE HAIR: Finer hair that can't take a lot of oily products should use the Synergi Deep Conditioning Treatment ONLY, not the Synergi Moisture Sealing Oil.

Apply a generous amount of Synergi Deep Conditioning Treatment to the hair from the scalp all the way to the ends. Hair should be thoroughly saturated with the Synergi Deep Conditioning Treatment. Sit under a hot steamer for 20 minutes. Or if you don't have a steamer... Soak a thick fluffy towel in hot water and slightly wring it to a point where it is not dripping. Wrap the towel around your hair, keep it on for 15 minutes and then repeat the steaming. Allow the towel to remain on for about 20 minutes or so and then wash your hair with lukewarm or slightly warmer water.

Plastic Cap/Cotton Turbine Method Cover your head with a plastic cap and then place a turbine on your head. Make sure you heat the turbine in water and excess water is released. Upon completion of deep conditioning treatment, shampoo hair with Synergi Thermal Shampoo. You may need to follow with the Synergi Thermal Conditioner. Hair will be super silky and shiny. The shiniest you have ever seen. Repeat at least once a month until you get the desired results.

Sauna/Steam Room at a Gym or Spa - Steam and sauna bathing is one of the simplest and most comfortable ways to rid the body of accumulated toxins as perspiration helps remove these harmful elements from your body. When conditioning your hair in the sauna or steam room use the same Synergi method;try covering your head with a plastic shower cap and a towel.

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